Online Music Instruction


“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”♫ ― Confucius


It is no secret that elective credits are required for high school students. At Note Distinction we take our status as an elective offering very seriously. Professor Washington’s experience in the public school band world as well as the college level has taught him the importance of electives in a student’s education. Note Distinction courses are great for earning quality elective credits for your students.

Between the graded bi-weekly assignments, self-paced class videos, and optional bi-weekly live Q/A sessions, Note Distinction provides a certificate of completion for each class. The certificate not only includes information about your course but it also includes the student’s earned grade.♫

As you plan for your child’s elective needs, consider taking a Note Distinction course. While there is a bit of overlap, the Music Journey Course and Music Theory courses can be taken in succession or simultaneously. Students will always receive expert music instruction as they make their way through.♫


Ezra J. Washington
Executive Director, Music instructor