Music Journey

Prescribed Age: High School

Whether you are proficient on an instrument, love to sing, make beats all day, or just a music lover… THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!!

Join us on a 32 week music Journey! From the foundation of notes and rhythms to composing your own music, we will guide you every step along the way.

The Music Journey course is a bi-weekly, self-paced, online video class that teaches you what you need to know to grow as a musician. It is organized into 4 units. In support of the 16 bi-weekly recorded lessons, you can choose to attend the LIVE bi-weekly Q/A with your professor Ezra J. Washington. This time will be used to help reinforce the video instruction and offer any help that you may need. The Q/A sessions are also recorded and will be available the next day if you are unable to attend the live event. It is important to note that the Q/A sessions are not mandatory, or even necessary to successfully complete the course however; this unique opportunity to regularly meet with your professor can be very beneficial.


♫In the first unit we introduce and reinforce fundamental music theory concepts. These concepts are the building blocks for an understanding of how music functions.

♫In the second unit we start to apply what we have learned from music theory with sight-singing. We also look into music history and begin to explore music literature.

♫In the third unit we spend time with music technology. This will include instruction on music composition software as well as recording software/hardware, and even live audio engineering.

♫The forth unit is COMPOSITION! For this final unit everything you have learned begins to come together as you begin to create your works of art. The composition unit ends with a final project that can be anything you would like it to be! You can choose to compose a piece for your primary instrument, write a string quartet piece, compose a new melody for lyrics to a song you have written, or make an electronic beat that you can rap to. The possibilities are endless! With the knowledge you have gained through this class, you will have the tools to do it all.

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